Cooperation towards natural disaster risk mitigation

The project will upgrade the geodetic and meteorological observational infrastructures, and will provide a platform for the integration of data, products and skills. The emphasis will be on the impacts of sea-level rise on coastal regions, monitoring of severe storms, and earthquake risk assessment.

Climate change is another potential source of disruption, through sea level rise that can affect the population of low coastal areas, or through an increment of tropical storms.

Natural disasters such as floods, tropical storms or earthquakes threaten the livelihood of many African populations.

Such impacts will ultimately lead to large internal and inter-continental migrations, with large societal and economic impacts both in Africa as in Europe.

“Although there is a growing awareness of the perils of climate change, its likely impact on human displacement and mobility has received too little attention.”

António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees 2018 (now UN Secretary General)

To mitigate the effects of these natural and anthropogenic phenomena, it is critical to understand their causes, a task that requires accurate data. For this reason SUGGEST AFRICA project was launched focusing on the improvement of existing geo-observing networks in Africa.