Advanced Tri-axis Lightweight Aeromagnetic System

The objective of this project is to develop a tri-axial, lightweight aeromagnetic system that will be implemented in a drone.

Current systems only measure  variations in the magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field and the novelty of our system is that it will observe all spatial components. This allows to observe three times as much data during a survey and it will permit to detect signals that vary in orientation in space but not in magnitude.

This system can also be used to determine the contours of the salt deposits in the areas of Carriço – Pombal and Beduído – Estarreja. Secondly, will be possible to map the anomalous magnetic field of the Monchique Alkaline Complex structure (Algarve) where our new magnetic data will help to improve the resolution of the old data.

Finally, this system will be used to delineate the magnetic anomaly and lateral discontinuities in the caldera of the Fogo Volcano in Cape Verde, which erupted in December 2014.

Project Members

 Machiel Bos  (Principal Investigator, PI) (UBI)

Rui Fernandes (UBI)

Rui Cardoso (UBI)

Marta Maria Almeida Neres (IPMA)

Pedro Antonio Gancedo Terrinha (IPMA)

Mário Augusto de Andrade Moreira (ISEL)

Bento Martins (UBI)

Joaquim Manuel Freire Luis (UBI)

Pedro Manuel Fernandes Carvalho da (ISEL)

Jorge Miguel Alberto de Miranda (IPMA)

Funded by

European Union

Portugal 2020