Web Services

Hector Web Service

A program for the analysis of geophysical time-series

Hector is a software package that can be used to estimate the linear trend in time-series with temporal correlated noise. Click here to access.

SEGAL Permanent GNSS Networks

A service maintained in a best-effort basis

Information and/or data for the permanent GNSS stations that have been installed by SEGAL in collaboration with many scientific and governmental institutions in many countries. You can also access data from some stations that were not installed by SEGAL but that we help to store.

We are deeply grateful to all institutions that help us to install and maintain the CORS stations. Without their support, the existing network did not exist. For information about each particular station, check the google map inside.

This service is maintained in a best-effort basis.

SEGAL does not receive any support to maintain the database available. Nevertheless, we appreciate any feedback if you will notice a problem accessing the data.