Theses, Projects and Technical Reports

PhD Theses

Present-day kinematics at the Azores-Gibraltar plate boundary as derived from GPS observations, DUP, Delft, The Netherlands, ISBN 90-407-2557-8, December 2004.

MSc Theses

Parallelization and Implementation of Methods for Image Reconstruction: Applications in GNSS Water Vapor Tomography, Fábio André de Oliveira Bento, 2013.

Mozambique secular velocitys field, J. P. F. Ferreira, 2009.

Tropospheric influences on ellipsoidal altitudes calculation: Mount Kilimanjaro case study,A. G. V. de Sá, 2009.

Near-real-time singular-mode high-rate GNSS data processing optimization, R. M. R. Faria, 2010.

Development and implementation of a Geodetic County Network using GNSS systems, H. Leitão, 2010.

The emerging of open source softwares applied to webGIS, P. Venâncio, 2010.

GPS processing using online services, D. M. B. Lima, 2011.

Data Quality Assessment of Nignet Network, M. U. Mahmud, 2012.

CORSmonit: GNSS Networks Remote Monitoring System, P. M. H. Venâncio, 2012.

BSc Projects

From Virtual Machines to Containers and Unikernels. Nelson Miguel de Sousa Matias, 2018.
Rasp Segal: Remote Network Testing, H. V. F. Gonçalves, 2013.

Technical Reports

F. Bento, P. Crocker, Multithreading Art: Comparison, University of Beira Interior, Tech. Rep., 2012.