Past Projects



TRANSFER – Tsunami Risk ANd Strategies For the European Region

Short Description: Identification and development of methodologies to integrate geodetic solutions (GNSS) in TEWS (Tsunami Early Warning Systems).

Main International Partners: 19 European Research Institutions.

Principal Investigator: Stefano Tinti [Univ. of Bolonha].


REMATA – High-Rate GNSS Network in Morocco

Short Description: REMATA (and exchange scientist program) intends to improve the geodynamic research being carried out in Maghreb in collaboration with Moroccan colleagues. The focus is on the use of GNSS data to estimate strain parameters in near real-time and to establish more data points in Morocco for posterior studies.

Main Partner: CNRST, Morocco (Youssef Hahoo).


ECSI – An Evaluation of the Current Strain-Field in Southern Iberia: Implications for Active Tectonics

Short Description: This exchange scientist program project focuses on the investigation of the present-day strain field for the southern part of Iberia using GPS data.

Main Partner: University of Granada, Spain (Juan Soto).



GOMA – GNSS Observations in MAroc, scientific bilateral project between Portugal (University of Beira Interior, Covilhã) and Morocco (Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II).


GUITA – GNSS Upgrades In Tide Gauges of Africa, funded by OIC (Oceanographic Intergovernamental Commision).


SWITNAME - Tectonic Numerical and Analogue Modelling of SW Iberia.


KARMA - Kinematics And Rheological Modelling of the Nubian-Eurasian plate boundary in the Azores.


ESPERG – Permanent GNSS station in S. Tomé e Príncipe.


SARAÇORES - Partição da Deformação no Eixo dos Açores a partir da Utilização da Interferometria


SNAP − Sistema de Navegação Aérea de Precisão de Longo Alcance utilizando DGPS em Tempo Real.


RIMAR – Riscos Naturais Associados a Variações do Nível do Mar.


STAMINA - Study of the Tectonic And Magmatic Interplay in the Azores.


TANGO – TransAtlantic Network for Geodynamics and Ocenography.


RGFTL – Rede Geodésica Fundamental de Timor–Leste.


Extended-TANGO – Extension of TANGO project.


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