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Short Description: This project is focused on the present-day kinematics of several plate boundaries in Africa, in particular East particular East Africa Rift (Mozambique) but also Azores and Ibero-Maghreb. Besides the investigation of secular motions, this research project also focus on the processing of high-rate GPS data to estimate geophysical parameters in near real-time.

Main Partners: Univ. of Lisbon (Jorge Miguel Miranda); Univ. of Porto (Machiel Bos); HartRAO, South Africa (Ludwig Combrink); CENACARTA, Mozambique (Manuel Ferrão).


SOGRA - Supporting Optimized GNSS Research in Africa

Short Description: This project is focused on the development of integrated GNSS CORS (Continuous Operating Reference Stations) systems that can serve several applications simultaneously, in particular ionospheric, geodesy and geodynamic studies. The issue will be in the establishment of the requirements in terms of hardware and software.

Main Partner: Air Force Research Laboratory, USA (Keith Groves).


RATINHA – ReAl-TIme geodetic data for Natural HAzard monitoring

Short Description: This collaborative project intends to densify the current GNSS network managed by JPL (a laboratory of NASA) for real-time computation of precise orbits. Several CORS will be installed at locations that can benefit the research carried out by all participants in geodynamics, geodesy (reference frames) and orbits.

Main Partner: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA (Yoaz Bar Sever).


EUREF – European Reference Frame

Short Description: Local Analysis Center of EUREF providing weekly solutions for a part (~ 40 sites) of the EUREF network (~200 sites).


TOPOMED – Plate re-organization in the western Mediterranean: Lithospheric causes and topographic consequences

Short Description: The motion between Africa and Europe in the western Mediterranean region has been taken up by subduction. Over the last 30 million years the location of the subduction zone has migrated from present-day southern France and eastern Iberia to the south-southeast towards North Africa and present-day Italy, with sideward expansions to form the Gibraltar and Calabria arcs. This process is now coming to an end. TopoMed investigates the intriguing processes accompanying these last stages and the possibility that a new subduction zone is being created along the North African margin. The results of this project are important for assessing the future geohazards potential of the region.

Main International Partners: 5 European Research Institutions.


Evaluation of Natural Hazards in Lisbon

Short Description: This project focuses on the evaluation of the natural hazards for the Lisbon county by modeling natural and human-induced accidents.



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