90 Seconds of Science*, with Machiel Bos

Past March, 6th 2019, Machiel Bos was the interviewed at Antena 1 (Portugal) for “90 Seconds of Science” broadcasting. He spoke about ATLAS, a project which objective is to develop a tri-axial, lightweight aeromagnetic system that will be implemented in a drone.

“The first area we are going to study is Monchique (Algarve, Portugal). This is an interesting area concerning its geological aspect and researchers are interested to know the geological structure that is the cause of the micro-mysticism of this zone”, says Machiel Bos.

90 Seconds of Science is a Portuguese broadcasting programme which has an open space for the Portuguese researchers explain Science in 90 seconds.

Machiel Bos interview @ Antena 1 broadcasting (Portugal): Current systems only measure variations in the magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field and the novelty of our system (ATLAS) is that it will observe all spatial components.

* The 90 Seconds of Science is a Portuguese project of the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology António Xavier ITQB NOVA, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities – FCSH NOVA, both of the New University of Lisbon, and Antena 1, sponsored by Novartis.

More info about ATLAS @ website.